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#priyankachopra Gabrielle Union, 49, Sizzles in tight black suits with cuts: Photo 1 Hour

Gabrielle Union, 49, Sizzles in tight black suits with cuts: Photo

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Image credit: TWIST / BACKGRID

Gabrielle Union Can’t help but become more beautiful with each passing day! The 49-year-old actress put on an incredible display when she stepped out for a booze party in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 23. Showing off a moderately cropped black shirt and leggings Fit, Cheaper than a dozen alum attracted attention as she was joined by the bride-to-be and a gorgeous group of friends.

Gabrielle Union rocked a catsuit for a Hollywood party in July 2022. (TWIST/BACKGRID)

The star shares the kids He will14 and Guava3, with her husband Dwyane Wadestar in a 2000 cheerleader comedy Bring it in with Kirsten Dunst. Recently, however, Gabrielle shared that she has some regrets about her role in the film. During a visit to Good Morning America Last year, she expressed concern about the “distortion” of her character Isis, for whom she also wrote an apology letter in her book “You Got Anything Stronger?

In the film, Isis learns that her team’s choreography was stolen by a rival team, which could make anyone extremely angry, but Gabrielle says she feels she can’t play that way. “Black girls are not allowed to be angry. Definitely not an angry protest, and I strangled her,” she explained. “I strangled her and made her a nice, kind leader, and I’m still a villain in that movie. I did all the reshaping for a character, and then I realized that I was doing it to myself as well. I didn’t allow myself to be my full self. “

With that in mind, Gabrielle says she’s sure to make changes to her performance. “I allowed her to be full of humanity, and part of being a fully human being was the ability to express rage when harmed,” she detailed. “When you don’t really allow yourself to be fully emotional and you stifle your emotions, it allows people to think, ‘Maybe what I did wasn’t that bad.’ I will give her all the anger.”

While she may have some reservations about how she’s handling the original production, Gabrielle presented the idea for a sequel during a Zoom reunion in August 2020 with actor Kirsten and director Peyton Reed. “The impact, 20 years later, that this movie has had and continues to have, is just amazing,” she said. “So whatever we can one day come up with, I mean, Kirsten, maybe we’re like co-heads of the PTA. I do not know.”

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