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#priyankachopra Corbin Bleu & Jason Earles Fun Teases ‘Nod’ With ‘HSM’ & ‘Hannah Montana’ In ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3 1 Hour

Corbin Bleu & Jason Earles Fun Teases ‘Nod’ With ‘HSM’ & ‘Hannah Montana’ In ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 will welcome some familiar faces! Green Corbinaka Chad Danforth from Music High School trilogy of worksand Jason Earlesaka Jackson from Hannah Montana, joined the cast of the hit series. Corbin will play a version of himself, while Jason will play Dewey, the camp director at Camp Shallow Lake.

Corbin Bleu and Jason Earles on ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3. (Disney +)

Corbin is just the latest Music High School alum appears on HSMTMTS. Corbin said HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE spoke to the creator Tim Federle after the second expressed interest in having Corbin on the show. “We just ended up having a phone call together to just talk about what that might look like,” Corbin said. “He knows I hope to be able to return to the franchise at some point, especially with this series because I respect what they did with it, but I wanted it to be in the right context. I’m so grateful to Tim for allowing me to be a part of that conversation and find out what it’s like, whether it’s coming back as Chad or coming back as myself, or back as a completely different character. We were able to discuss that and figure out what it was.”

Corbin is known for his musical performances of “I Don’t Dance,” “The Boys Are Back,” and many other shows in Music High School film. The actor teased that a music moment In HSMTMTS iis going down. “Oh, it happened. That happened. Now, how that would be, I don’t want to tell you more than that. But it is a big one. It would be great,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Jason has been connected to the Disney+ series from the very beginning. He’s been the acting coach for child stars since season 1. “Kids, they’ve all grown up watching. Hannah Montana, so they are fans. There’s a part of them that keeps saying, ‘You know, you should only do one scene. You should be the gatekeeper in the back, or you should be a teacher walking through the hallway or something,” Jason said. HollywoodLife. “But they just wanted me to do one little thing on the show. I said, ‘If I do that, I don’t want it to distract you because I respect your work, and I respect the world and the show too much to like, hey, look at me. ‘ “

When Tim introduced the summer camp season, Jason thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play a part on the show. “What role do I think it plays in my relationship with the kids in real life, like being an authority figure, but also harassing and teasing them, but loving them, but also making them think they might be doing better. It just parallels what I love about the show so much, so I’m excited to be able to join and play Dewey,” he said.

In the third season, Jason pointed out that fans of Music High School and Hannah Montana would “appreciate some nods, certain jokes and little references and things related to that. How does that relate to me and Hannah Montanayou will have to watch and see, but there are some very interesting winks. “

Green Corbin
Corbin Bleu has joined the cast of ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3. (Disney +)

Corbin and Dewey’s relationship with the Wildcats is “certainly different,” Corbin points out. “I have a bit of a problem with them. They definitely harmed me for the rest of the series,” Corbin said. “I think with Dewey, he was the director of the camp, so he rotated around these kids all the time. Although he is somewhat strict and grumpy, he has a heart of gold there. While Corbin and Dewey have “different journeys,” Jason admits there is a bit of “parallel” between the characters.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 premieres July 27 on Disney+. New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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