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#priyankachopra Tease the boss ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3 ‘Naughty’, Gina’s ‘Rom-Com Season’ and more 1 Hour

Tease the boss ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3 ‘Naughty’, Gina’s ‘Rom-Com Season’ and more

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At Camp Shallow Lake, anything is possible. Some of our favorite Wild Cats went to summer camp for two weeks of splendor music and fun. Because this is High School Musical: The Musical: The Seriesthings don’t always go smoothly.

After Green Corbin quickly leave his helicopter after the announcement frozen musical and documentary, EJ is named musical director. Ricky discovers Lily has stolen his Beast harness and quickly finds herself at camp with her classmates, while Nini leaves Salt Lake City for what is sure to be a life-changing trip.

Cast of ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3 (Disney +)

There’s a lot of play dynamics in season 3, so HollywoodLife Get exclusive news from creators Tim Federle about what to expect further Premiere. He updated about Seb and Big Red, teased EJ and Gina’s future and whether Ricky could come between them, and discussed Nini’s arc as more about “identity” than music. Read our Q&A below:

I was instantly captivated by Saylor [Bell] and Adrian [Lyles]. I think they are a great addition to the cast. Going forward, what will Maddox and Jet bring to the team?
Tim Federle: I think whenever a group of friends goes somewhere and the dynamics are shaken by new people, it can change everything. I think for Saylor, who plays Maddox, she’s very protective of her time at camp because it’s a place where she can go and really feel like herself. As for Jet, he has a bit of a mysterious backstory, and he has a lot of demons that he has to fight. He doesn’t want to see himself in this group. In fact, he thinks the people in the theater are annoying, by the way, so are we. I think there is real growth with them this season. In particular, Adrian has a song at the end of the season that I find very good and relatable, and I think people will really freak out.

Early in the season, the show mentioned where are Seb and Big Red? Will we see them more throughout the season?
Tim Federle: They are so important to me and to the show that there wouldn’t be a season without them, so I think viewers should stay tuned.

There are several new characters, including Jason Earles and Corbin Bleu. With Jason, should we expect a Hannah Montana reference at some point?
Tim Federle: Jason is actually playing a character this season. Got a little wink at the end of this season with Jason Earles in the DCOM cinematic universe. But Jason is just a solid, believable comic book actor who happens to be our acting coach on the show. This group of young actors grew up watching Jason and has now been coached by Jason for the past few years. Putting him on screen was the fastest, easiest decision we’ve ever made.

When did you decide that Corbin was the OG star you wanted to reach around this time?
Tim Federle: Really early. We met Corbin at D23 when we launched the pilot a few years ago. He’s so considerate to the cast and such a nice guy. Corbin is a comic comic actor who really gets in on the joke. He knows playing a fictional version of himself is absurd. It was an easy conversation. It was like, do you want to come play in our world and pay homage to OG but also poke it around a bit? He was so down and so smart about the whole thing.

Matt Cornett
Matt Cornett and Meg Donnelly in ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3. (Disney +)

It’s a bit different in season 3 that it’s more of a summer camp than a fall and spring musical. What will the summer camp setting allow that the school environment might not?
Tim Federle: Well, fewer adults and later bedtime. There’s a lot of sneak around. Just a little bit Lord in the air with adults away and children taking over. I think there’s a lot of fun and mischief and hijinks to be had.

EJ is currently the director of the musical. How will he juggle that?
Tim Federle: I think he thinks this will be the last summer he’s just a kid. And the fact that he was pushed into this leadership role before he wanted to, he has a lot to learn this season. He and Gina have this good thing going on, and neither of them want to mess with that. There’s been a lot of momentum going on during these two weeks with nothing going wrong.

Ricky and Lily end it all after he discovers the harness in her room. Will she come back? I have a feeling she’s not going to leave quietly.
Tim Federle: Lily looks like she has a persistent rash. She’s basically gone, but I think with Lily, you’re gone but never forgotten. I think there is always more opportunity Olivia Keegan in the future just because she’s so excellent.

For Gina, this is her first summer. I know you give each character their due, but is this the season Gina becomes her own artist as an artist and everything?
Tim Federle: One hundred percent. Sofia Wylie such a star. She was so graceful, so prepared, so talented. She is a tycoon, and she will become a tycoon in real life. Sofia has had an extraordinary reach as an actress. She is very funny, but she can also act with such deep emotions. She’s actually asking for a rom-com season. She really wanted Gina’s softer side but never lost the edge. I think Sofia is completely settled and has a really big season.

School life is always different from summer life. And that can be a good thing or a bad thing. What can you say about EJ and Gina’s relationship and where it will go?
Tim Federle: I think it’s their season. That’s what they’re finding out that EJ is even less capable because he’s too concerned with performing the best ever. How can this couple have such a wonderful summer together? The audience will have to watch and watch.

Gina, EJ, Ashlyn and Ricky in season 3. (Disney +)

I had to ask about Rina because the fans wanted to know. We see EJ talk to Gina in the final moments of the premiere about how this will be their perfect summer. Nothing will happen between them, and then we have Ricky walking right in and interrupting everything. You talked about a rom-com season. Maybe we should expect a love triangle?
Tim Federle: I think the love triangle has been incorporated into a lot of facilities, and certainly since season 1 of our show. But I think Ricky respects and knows that he doesn’t always get it right with Gina and wants to respect the fact that Gina has a good thing with EJ. Ricky is there to have a fun summer. He was lost in Lily Land for a minute and, what was he thinking? He rejects Nini, who he thinks is his end game with Lily, who is really fun but ends up being pretty dark. I think Ricky comes into the summer really just wanting to have fun, and we’ll have to see if he can do that.

I think Ricky and Gina are related in terms of friendship.
Tim Federle: Both are outsiders. Ricky is a skater, Gina is a new girl, and they unknowingly have a lot in common when they put aside their differences.

Nini is not at the camp, but she has this important conversation with Ms. Jenn about her future. It seems to be mirroring Olivia’s life in some way. Is that the intention?
Tim Federle: We never try to write anything that feels too parallel because it feels unfair. Oddly enough, we often write a story on the show that 6 months later it comes true in real life. In this case, in fact, I wanted to move Nini pretty quickly away from this musical dream to something more about identity. As you watch the following episodes, you’ll see Nini discover where she really comes from and that has nothing to do with music or being a pop star. I think that story is just another Nini path that we wanted to take her in.

So will we be seeing more of her beyond the first episode?
Tim Federle: Right.

Ms. Jenn talked about it with Nini at her house, but she wasn’t at summer camp. Will she pop up even more?
Tim Federle: I hope so. It feels like it’s not Music High School without Miss Jenn. She’ll find a way to get in there.

You have some other new characters like Jesse Tyler Ferguson and JoJo Siwa. What can you say about their characters?
Tim Federle: They’re there to rock it and impress the audience, but also to really complement and amplify the dynamics of the cast that hopefully people have come to love. JoJo has some history at the camp. Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s character has some history with Nini’s family. It’s been fun to bring these big, luxury stars into the world and watch them compete in our world. They couldn’t be more lovable or gracious.

Carlos and Ricky in season 3. (Disney +)

frozen is one of my recent favorite Disney movies. I know you’re having a hard time understanding the songs you’re performing, but do we care? frozen this season number?
Tim Federle: Yes you will. In addition, you will see some songs from the Broadway production of frozen that was amazing. And if you haven’t discovered them because of the stage, then you will see some duets and have a solo. There are really interesting things Bobby [Lopez] and Kristen [Anderson-Lopez] wrote for a really special Broadway play and we had to perform.

With season 3 being held at summer camp in just two weeks, will this lead directly to season 4? Or will a new school year be season 4?
Tim Federle: We’re still figuring that out. It’s still pretty early in the writers’ room, but we’re already pretty sequential. I think it makes sense for us to go back to school, and we’re working out all those details right now.

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