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#priyankachopra ‘HSMTMTS’ Summary: Nini leaves Salt Lake City & Ricky breaks up with Lily 1 Hour

‘HSMTMTS’ Summary: Nini leaves Salt Lake City & Ricky breaks up with Lily

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The school year is over, but that doesn’t mean the Wildcats are over. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series shifting gears in season 3 and heading to summer camp. EJ picks up Kourtney, Ashlyn, and Carlos for a road trip to Camp Shallow Lake. EJ was filled with dad jokes about the trip.

Only EJ, Kourtney, Ashlyn, Carlos and Gina will go camping. Big Red has to work, Seb has to milk, Nini with her mother, and Ricky with Lily. “We didn’t say her name,” said one very serious EJ. The main reason people are curious about the camp is because a celebrity secretly visits.

Music High School
Kourtney, Carlos, Ashlyn, Gina and EJ at Camp Shallow Lake. (Disney +)

Gina joins the camp team and receives a sweet kiss from EJ before they head out. EJ and Gina are getting strong. Honestly, a happy Gina is all we want. Waist group out “What time is it” from High School Musical 2 before they reach the camp, which EJ calls his “second home.” He told his friends, “You get to Shallow Lake somehow, and you just become something else. It happens to everyone.”

Nini leaves Salt Lake City

Maddox, one of the camp’s workers in Shallow Lake, had to take everyone’s phones upon arrival. Kourtney didn’t want to leave Sasha’s beloved phone for two weeks. Let’s see what these kids get when they have to go full Parent Trap for two weeks. Bring jokes!

Meanwhile, Ricky prepares to go to Jackson Hole with Lily and her family. Ricky admits that he and Lily have been “going out for a bit”, but you can tell he feels a bit insecure around Lily. (And rightly so.)

Nini goes to see Ms. Jenn at her house. She plans to take a trip with her mother to Southern California, where she was born. Nini was definitely a little hesitant. She’s been trying to write some new music, but she hasn’t been able to finish it yet.

“It feels like the past few years have led to something really good or big, but I can’t name it or put a finger on it,” Nini said. She is also missing in the camp, which is an important part of her life. She wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision and felt that going to California could be “annoying” for her. “If you’re looking for a spark, sometimes breaking out isn’t a bad idea,” Ms. Jenn told Nini before hitting the road.

Ricky finds out about Lily’s betrayal

Gina couldn’t help but be thrilled for her “first summer”. This is the first time we’ve seen Gina really satisfied and we love that about her. She’s at her first camp, she’s got her first boyfriend, and this is her first time actually starring in a musical. She is happy with EJ. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

Gina EJ
Gina and EJ in the premiere of ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3. (Disney +)

Ashlyn, Kourtney, and Gina all share a room with Maddox. This is actually Ashlyn’s first visit to Camp Shallow Lake. She has spent the past 6 summers in Minnesota. She had to explain the role play to the rest of the class. Ashlyn is too absolute for her own good.

Just as Ricky and Lily are about to go out, the situation will change for these two. Ricky was trying to find his keys when he bumped into her closet door. His Beast harness fell to the floor. “I can explain that,” said Lily calmly, calmly and collected. She really thinks they can get through this. All is fair in love, war and musicals, right? Ricky honestly didn’t know if Lily would kiss him or kill him, so he was worried. This brings us another great thing Joshua Bassett solo with “Finally Free.”

Carlos wasn’t really excited about the camp’s living quarters, especially when the new Jet kid showed up. Simply put, Jet is “really good without talking.”

Now that all the arrivals are done, it’s time to reveal the celebrity secret. Maddow shows off his amazing voice in front of the crowd. She will definitely be a contender in the auditions this season! Dewey Wood, aka Jason Earles are from Hannah Montana, is the camp director. Camp Shallow Lake has been chosen for a special opportunity, which the undercover celebrity will explain. The secret celebrity is… drumroll, please… CORBIN BLUE!

Kourtney, Carlos, Ashlyn, and the rest of the crowd lost their minds over Corbin. Corbin announces that Camp Shallow Lake will be the first camp to premiere frozen music! Carlos’ response to this announcement was priceless. Seriously, cho Frankie Rodriguez an Emmy. There will also be a documentary that will premiere on Disney+. “I don’t remember how to breathe,” Ashyn admitted.

Corbin Bleu is about to break through – Now

Before that, the group tried to guess the secret celebrity. Greta Gerwig and Oprah just two of the names included in the mixed list. “It’s better than Greta Gerwig,” tearful Carlos said of Corbin’s revelation. However, Corbin did not hold on. Dewey thinks Corbin will direct the show. Corbin explains that he directs, produces, and hosts about the program. The Corbin Bleu didn’t have time to direct a camp musical.

Green Corbin
Corbin Bleu has joined the cast of ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3. (Disney +)

Well, desperate times require desperate measures. EJ was standing nearby after Corbin left. Dewey names new EJ Director, Director of frozen. EJ had to explain the situation to Gina, and he insisted that “nothing will ruin our perfect summer together.” Gina replied, “Who said who would?”

As if he could hear them from afar, Ricky walked in between EJ and Gina at this exact moment. Perfect timing, Ricky. Just great. “Excuse me, do you have room for another one?” he asks. EJ and Gina give each other one look. They did not expect this.

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