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#priyankachopra Jennifer Lopez as the bride: All the time she wears a wedding dress in the movie 1 Hour

Jennifer Lopez as the bride: All the time she wears a wedding dress in the movie

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Here comes the bride! Jennifer Lopez52 years old, famous for many times transforming into a good wife. And she is a in real life, also. The beautiful singer and actress is married to Ojani Noa in 1997, and she wowed in a classic white pole dress for their ceremony. They broke up in 1998, but Jennifer continued to get married Chris Judd on September 29, 2001, rocked a gorgeous see-through lace dress for the event in Calabasas, California. After ending the relationship in 2003, the “Jenny From the Block” singer then got married Marc Anthony in Beverly Hills on June 5, 2004, wearing a strapless Vera Wang gown. The couple picks up the baby Max and Emmeon the 14th, on the 22nd of February 2008.

Jennifer said: “I still believe in happily ever after, 100% for sure. Today while talking to them in November. And she proved it when knot in Vegas on July 16 with the old flame Ben Affleck. The speculation surrounding her dress went viral when J.Lo revealed that she was wearing one from an “old movie” for the ceremony. “So with the best eyewitnesses imaginable, a dress from an old movie and a coat from Ben’s closet, we recited our own vows in the little chapel and gave each other a ring that we will wear for the rest of our lives,” she said in a post-wedding news release.

So here’s our dive into the iconic wedding outfit Jennifer has worn in movies all these years.

Selena (1997)

Jennifer Lopez and John Seda
Jennifer Lopez and John Ceda in ‘Selena.’ (Everett Collection)

Jennifer wears a white outfit in a sweet engagement scene in the biopic based on the legend’s life Selena Quintanilla. She filmed the sweet interaction scene opposite Jon Sedawho plays Selena’s real-life husband Chris Perez. While it’s not a wedding dress, we consider it one of her many iconic wedding-themed looks.

‘The Wedding Planner’ 2001

Jennifer Lopez and Justin Chambers
Jennifer Lopez and Justin Chambers appear in a scene from ‘The Wedding Planner.’ (Everett Collection)

J.Lo’s next appearance as a bride on screen was even more memorable. 2001 romcom wedding planner, in which she co-starred with Matthew McConaughey, Jen wore a gorgeous crew-neck dress with a pillbox hat and veil in a court wedding scene. The dress created a buzz recently when it was compared to Meghan Marklecape 2018 for her lavish wedding Prince Harry.

Enough (2002)

Jennifer Lopez and Billy Campbell
Jennifer Lopez and Billy Campbell in ‘Enough.’ (Everett Collection)

The beautiful actress once again stuns in a tulle dress with a classic hemline and beaded strap for the opening scene of the 2002 horror film she co-starred in. Billy Campbell. She paired the look with a beautiful veil and delicate dangling earrings.

‘The Handmaid in Manhattan’ 2002

Okay, so it’s not really a wedding dress – but we do say J.Lo’s pink chiffon dress and diamond necklace from the 2002 romcom Maid in City of Manhattan should have been her second movie wedding dress since 2002. She starred in the movie with Fiennes ralph.

Jersey Girl (2004)

Manager Kevin Smith is said to have filmed the wedding scene from this tear-jerking romance starring Ben and Jen in their early days. However, after they broke up, he reported to have cut scenessays he doesn’t know if it’s “right” to let it stay. Too bad he didn’t know they were finally married almost two decades later!

Monsters in Law (2005)

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda
Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda in ‘Monster-In-Law’. (Everett Collection)

The fangs appeared a year later in 2005, when Jennifer and Jane Fonda facing her on-screen fiance, do Michael Vartan. J.Lo wore a cream, evening gown style wedding dress with satin gloves and a church veil.

Singer (2006)

The Half time the actress stepped out of her own life at the time she married real-life husband Marc Anthony in this 2006 film about the life of Hector Lavoe, played by Marc. Jennifer played his wife, Nilda “Puchi” Lavoe. Jennifer wore a sweet ’60s-style long-sleeve dress with a lace bodice in the movie.

Mary Me (2022)

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez in ‘Marry Me’ 2022. (Everett Collection)

The see-through dress shows off Jennifer’s beautiful figure from Marry me with Owen Wilson definitely her most impressive wedding. Zuhair MuradThe taffeta, crystal and lace dress with many silver details weighed nearly a hundred pounds, according to reports Diversity.

Shotgun Wedding (2022)

If you can believe it, Jen still has another bride-themed movie coming out this year, even though it’s not out yet. Today reports that J.Lo appeared in an exotic destination wedding scene that rocked a rather glitzy-looking bride, along with a floral tiara. Josh Duhamel also appears in this scene, wearing a rather messy white coat. You can see photo here.

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