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Khloe Kardashian finds it hard to relive Tristan Thompson’s scandal on ‘The Kardashians’

Khloe Kardashian finds it hard to relive Tristan Thompson’s scandal on ‘The Kardashians’

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Khloe kardashian38 years old is trying to cope with a scandalous cheating scandal involving an ex-lover Tristan Thompson31 years old, had a child with another woman during their time pregnant representativefor the second time, now it has just aired on The Kardashians first. “It was hard for Khloe to have to relive all of this when the show aired because it was like she had to live through it twice,” an EXCLUSIVELY source said. HollywoodLife. “As soon as she got over the hurt caused to her by Tristan’s deception, she was forced to face it again.”

“Khloe has gone so far and is over the pain caused by this, but she wishes she didn’t have to see it happen again on the show for millions of fans again, ‘ added the source. “She can’t wait for all of this to be behind her so she can focus on the things that matter most to her – her children, family, health, and Good Americans.”

Tristan Thompson, True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian
Khloe with Tristan and their daughter True on a previous outing. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Khloe faced that tough time with Tristan after season two the premiere of The Kardashians showed viewers how all the scandal and drama went down after the headlines. In the episode, Khloe reveals that her and Tristan’s embryos were implanted in their surrogate just three days before the news broke that he was also giving birth with Maralee Nichols. Through court documents, she also discovered he knew about the other baby for about four months but kept it a secret.

“So much to go through at once,” she says tearfully in the episode. “It was supposed to be a really exciting, wonderful time and it was just a different experience. Time passed and I kept burying my head in the sand, but that didn’t do anything.”

Khloe kardashian
Khloe poses at an event. (Frank Micelotta / Shutterstock)

Fortunately, throughout the terrifying and shocking circumstances, Khloe had the support of her family, including her sister. Kendall Jennerand mom, Kris Jennerwho don’t mind sharing their opinion on Tristan’s actions while continuing with Surrogacy, resulting in his and Khloe’s second child, a son. “[Tristan] encouraged Khloe to continue with this in time [he] know that it’s happening too. It was almost like he wanted to trap her,” Kendall said on the show. Kris agreed, adding, “Well, he definitely wanted to hang on to her, and thought maybe if they [had a baby] she will marry him. “

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