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Kim Kardashian explains why she approached Kanye when they were at the ‘peak’ of not talking

Kim Kardashian explains why she approached Kanye when they were at the ‘peak’ of not talking

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kim kardashian take her daughter, northwestto Paris Haute Couture Week on the November 24 episode of kardashian family. Kim wants the North meet her at work to demonstrate that work can be fun if it’s something you’re passionate about. For one of North’s outfits on the trip, she wears Father by Kanye West jacket, he first rocked in 2008.

“It’s going to be a big fashion moment,” Kim said in the episode, which was filmed in early summer 2022. “Kanye tends to not care about her stuff and give it all away, which ends up bouncing around. network and I got it last week. Kanye knows that I am very protective of his things for the kids.

northwest kim kardashian
North wears Kanye’s coat in Paris. (AbacaPress / SplashNews.com)

Although Kim and Kanye split in February 2021, they remained in touch as co-parents, going through great ups and downs after the breakup. One of their worst moments was in early 2022, when Kanye repeatedly publicly called Kim’s name on social media. However, Kim explained that she contacted Kanye during this time for the sake of the children.

“Even when he was at the peak of not talking to me and getting angry at me, he won a couple of Grammys and I still approached and said, ‘I know you’ve won a few Grammys. . I had to add them to the vault,'” Kim revealed. “And he was like, ‘okay.’ Because the kids want them, you know? And I want to put them all together.”

kim kardashian kanye west
Kim and Kanye on the red carpet before breaking up. (Photo news agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Kim and Kanye’s current relationship status is unclear. She openly condemn him after he made hostile comments on social media in September. However, they have been seen together on several occasions at sports event for their kids in the weeks since. Currently, they are still in the process of agreeing on child custody and divorce settlement.

During his visit to Paris, however, Kim was clearly focused on the North. Kim explains, “Every kid takes at least one trip with me every year. “The North likes this. She is here with her mother and grandmother. It also showed my daughter the work I was doing. There’s a whole business behind it and I wanted to show her that this is still exciting for me.”

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