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#priyankachopra The first lady of Ukraine revealed that her husband and children were ‘suffering’ from being separated in the middle of the Russian war 1 Hour

The first lady of Ukraine revealed that her husband and children were ‘suffering’ from being separated in the middle of the Russian war

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Image credit: Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska recounted her own feelings about the war in Ukraine against Russia in a new interview with Vogue, published on Tuesday, July 26. As President Her Husband Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to fight and lead Ukraine, she talks about the price his family bears when he spends so much time away from them. “He is having a much harder time in this regard. He is suffering. And then my children too, because they can’t see each other,” she said Vogue.

Zelenska has shared how the war has separated her husband and her children. (Photographer: Annie Leibovitz)

While it was certainly a difficult time for the first family in Ukraine’s war against Russia, Zelenskyy spoke about how his family tries to lead. “For women and children, my wife here is an example. I believe she plays a very important role for Ukraine, for our family and for our women,” he told the magazine. “Like any normal man, I was worried about [my family], about their safety. I don’t want them in danger… I want to hug them so much. I want to be able to touch them. “

The profile also discusses Zelenska’s initial reluctance to step into the limelight. As Ukraine’s war against Russia continues, she’s also been a strong advocate for other countries sending aid. At the beginning of the fight, she made a detailed statement many crimes happened in her house country, including children hiding in bomb shelter. She encouraged people across the globe to speak out against Russia. “Do not be silent! Tell them Putin is threatening to start a nuclear war, and if he does, there will be no safe place in the world anymore,” she wrote in a social media post.

Zelenska made her debut on the cover of Vogue. (Photographer: Annie Leibovitz)

More recently, Zelenska solves the problem Congress of the United States of America asked them to send weapons so the Ukrainians could defend themselves, a few months after her husband also speech to Parliament. She made a arouse emotions, shared that parents just want their children to be safe in the midst of war. “We want every father and mother to be able to tell their children to sleep in peace, there will be no more bombings, no more rocket attacks. Is this too much to wish for? ” she speaks.

Throughout the war, Zelenskyy called on leaders to send their support to Ukraine, and he made public appearances at popular events to draw attention to the battle against Russia, such as such as a surprise appeared at the Grammy Awards in April.

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