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#priyankachopra Sandra Oh admits she’s ‘very, very sick’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ popularity 1 Hour

Sandra Oh admits she’s ‘very, very sick’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ popularity

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Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh had a candid conversation about how the star affects her physical health to Variety’s performance on actors series of videos. Sandra’s debut her role Christina Yang in the 2005 medical drama and discusses the damage she suffered. Squid game star Jung Ho-yeon.

Sandra Oh Grey's Anatomy
Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” (Abc-Tv / Kobal / Shutterstock)

“My life has changed a lot. And it’s hard to imagine, because this was almost 20 years ago, so the context is very different, the tension is the same – or the confusion is the same. And I think that’s why my question to you is, how are you taking care of yourself? Because I felt, to be honest, I was sick. I think my whole body was very, very sick. Even though you keep working, right? “the New Year’s Eve Killing The actress revealed when the two discussed how to stay healthy and fit.

“It was like, ‘Oh, I can’t sleep. Oh, my back hurts. I don’t know what’s wrong with my skin.” I learned that I have to take care of my health first. But it’s not just your body, is it? That is your soul. It’s definitely your mind. Do you understand what I mean? Because in the end you can’t depend on anyone else. You have to somehow find it within yourself,” she added poignantly.

However, it seems Sandra has found a way to prioritize self-care in her life. “And now, as I dive deeper into my career, the more I realize that I have to spend a lot of time on my creative self: It could be sleeping, it could be walking in the woods, it could be meditation, it could be class, it could be all of that. Because I realized that one part perpetuates all – almost instantaneously, the possibility of being present,” she told Jung in a repulsive statement.

Sandra also told Sunday TODAY With Guest Willie about how the loss of privacy affects her mental health as well. “Honestly, it’s an injury.” she explained in a vulnerable time in August 2021. Even so, it seems Sandra has developed some healthy coping strategies. “When one loses anonymity, you have to build skills to still try and be a reality,” she concluded forcefully.

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