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Sean Penn Visits Ukraine’s President Zelensky And Gives Him The Oscar To Keep The War Over: See

Sean Penn Visits Ukraine’s President Zelensky And Gives Him The Oscar To Keep The War Over: See

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Image credit: President of Ukraine Off Press / UPI / Shutterstock

Sean Penn62 years old, gave one of his Academy Awards to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky On November 8, the actor won two Oscars, including one for his role in the 2003 film mysterious river and another for his role in 2008 Milksat down for a meeting with the leader during his second visit to Kyiv, Ukraine this year after the country go to combat with Russia in February. A video of the memorable and touching moment was released by the press service of the President of Ukraine shortly after it took place.

“This one is for you,” Sean, who was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, told Zelensky after he shook hands, sat down, and pulled the Oscar statuette out of his black bag. “It’s just a symbolic silly thing, but if I knew this was here with you I would feel better and stronger for the fight.” At first, the president refused to accept the statue, while he said, “It’s yours” and called it “a great honor,” but Sean insisted on keeping it. “When you win, bring it back to Malibu. I would feel so much better knowing a part of me is here,” he said. Zelensky then said, “Okay” as he shook hands again.

Sean Penn, President Zelensky
Sean received the Order of Merit of Ukraine from President Zelensky on November 8 (Ukrainian President Off Press / UPI / Shutterstock)

Zelensky, who, like Sean, was an actor before becoming president of Ukraine, was later seen proudly placing the Oscar statuette on a pedestal in his presidential office. He also went on to award Sean a Ukrainian Medal of Merit to thank him “for his sincere support and significant contribution to the popularity of Ukraine in the world.”

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