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‘Sister-in-law’: Christine says she can’t ‘respect’ Kody as he attends wedding after missing Ysabel’s surgery

‘Sister-in-law’: Christine says she can’t ‘respect’ Kody as he attends wedding after missing Ysabel’s surgery

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Kody Brown went to Texas to celebrate a friend’s wedding in the summer of 2021 on the October 23 episode of Where are you. This is not suitable for Christine Brown, because Kody had previously criticized her for traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic. She was especially upset that Kody used COVID as an excuse to not let their daughter travel, Ysabel Brown’sback surgery in 2020. Christine feels it’s hypocritical for Kody to set different standards for a friend’s wedding over her daughter’s surgery.

However, Kody defended her decision. “Ysabel’s surgery came at a time and situation where I had to be away from home for six or eight weeks,” he explains. “No man can be away from work and home and family for that long. I went four days for the wedding. That’s it.” Christine doesn’t have it, though. “I don’t have to deal with him anymore because I’m not married to him,” she said in the confessional. I can’t respect this person anymore… what he is like and his choices… I can’t respect this man.”

christine brown
Christine Brown in ‘Sister Wives’ episode October 23. (TLC)

Earlier in the episode, Christine talked to her and Kody’s youngest daughter, True Brownabout her divorce from Kody on camera for the first time. Really stumbled upon Christine’s decision to leave Kody and moved to Utah when she overheard Christine talking about it on the phone. Really insisted that she was fine with the situation, even though it was very uncomfortable at first.

“The first day I found out, I was really upset, but I’m fine now,” she told her mother. “I just realized in one day that not everything is going to change. I see signs that you are unhappy. I was a little upset at first, but now I’m fine.” Truley tells Christine that she’s mostly upset that Christine has kept the news with her for so long. Since Truely will have to pick up and move with her mother, she feels she deserves more attention, especially since Christine started planning months in advance.

kody brown christine
Kody and Christine Brown before breaking up. (Arlene Richie / Shutterstock)

“The realization that she told me for the last time after everyone else, and I didn’t know we were leaving, was a very heartbreaking thing,” Truely admitted. “It felt like a betrayal that she wouldn’t bother telling me about and I would be affected the most.”

At the end of the episode, Kody and Christine had another one-on-one chat as Christine’s move-in date approached. They still haven’t figured out the specifics of care. Christine admitted: “I would have liked to have no lawyers involved. “But if he went there and followed the law, then I will too. I don’t want to, though. I just want to do it peacefully. We have kids. Can’t we find out for ourselves? The series will continue into next week’s episode of Where are you on TLC.

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