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#priyankachopra ‘Teen Mom Mackenzie & Josh McKee Split After 12 Years: I Wish Him ‘Peace and Happiness’ 1 Hour

‘Teen Mom Mackenzie & Josh McKee Split After 12 Years: I Wish Him ‘Peace and Happiness’

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Before Teen mom AND star Mackenzie McKee Is one single mom. The 27-year-old mother-of-three confirms that she has broken up Josh McKee29, after 12 years of living together in a long and sincere statement to Celebuzz. “I come from a very deep, raw and vulnerable part of my heart… life is crazy. Our entire lives have been played out in the limelight,” Mackenzie began in his statement. “I am entering a whole new life and I am new. The things I used to cry about, are now walking in the park. I am very grateful to Josh for the past 12 years and for what they have taught me. Josh and I are both young with our whole lives ahead of us. And I wish for nothing but peace and happiness for him and his future. Everyone has their own story, and this is mine.”

The MTV alum then deftly blamed Josh for why their union broke up. “I must have told a story in the past about how terrible Josh was, what he did and why this marriage ended,” she notes. “I just understood that we are both walking away from this with deep scars and our children love both of us despite the pain we have brought to each other. We are human, we are all human on this earth just trying to make it.” She further confirmed that she would not share more details about their split as she felt it would be “unfair” to tell “his side” about the story, even though she did. there was one more time to poke fun at the ex-lover. “Am I a perfect wife?” Mackenzie asked. “No. But I’m not pretending that Josh is a good husband either.”

Mackenzie also offers insight into how she finally mustered the courage to leave Josh. “We women don’t leave until we’re ready. Until we were able to wake up, noticed the coffee didn’t smell good and something was off. That is my marriage. But my marriage is all I’ve known since I was a young teenager,” she explained. “When that change happened when I knew I was going to leave, my whole world changed. I’m not sad, I’m not upset about anything, I’m not angry, I’m not depressed. I have regained my strength as a woman who finally knows her self-worth. And I ended up so exhausted that I finished, and whatever hurt me over the last 5 years is gone,” she continued. “I don’t care anymore.”

She ended her lengthy breakup confirmation by thinking about her and Josh’s “long road ahead”, but noted that she doesn’t regret her decision. “It’s hard to leave and be a single mom. But it’s harder than staying and living the only days God gives me when someone I love tells me I’m nothing in this life,” she said bitterly. “I am a woman of freedom and purpose. And that began to take away from me day by day, where I was so weak I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror and tell myself enough was enough. “

Mackenize also confirmed her single relationship status on Instagram on July 26. “I’m breaking my silence on Josh and I’m done,” she said. Written along with two photos of herself and Josh. “I will always respect him as the father of my children but the time has come for me to find my happiness again.”

Mackenzie first received public attention after her appearance on 16 and pregnant in 2011, and then continued her time on reality TV through Teen mom AND. While her marriage to Josh lasted more than a decade, it wasn’t always smooth sailing and some of the complications in their marriage were aired. Young motherInclude cheat Scandal.

Mackenzie made two suggestions that Eagle-eyes fans have come across recently that lead them to think her marriage could end well. First, on July 20, she tweeted three photos of herself partying with friends with the caption, “27 and living life for the first time.” Three days later, she complained about dating. “The dating world is full of weirdos… the men out here play. I’ve been away from this game for too long,” she tweeted.

Furthermore, she took to TikTok on July 24 to put together a trending clip of a group of girls happily reacting to what is supposed to be exciting news. In Mackenzie’s video, she shows herself washing clothes and writes “Finally I left.” via video.

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#double acting with @imlacikaysomers

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Josh also seems to allude to the breakup, but makes it a little less obvious. He shared a selfie in the mirror on July 22 showing off his ripped arms and torso and wrote, “The pain is worth growing up!!!” in the annotation. His wedding band is significantly absent from the snapshot. While the caption could certainly be about his physical progress, some fans took to the comments section to question his relationship status.

Mackenzie and Josh share three children: Gannonten; Jaxie8 and Bronc5. At the time of this writing, Josh still has the word “husband” listed in his Instagram bio and they both appear in each other’s feeds.

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