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#priyankachopra Vanessa Hudgens buys $7.5 million mansion in City Studio: View photos and videos 1 Hour

Vanessa Hudgens buys $7.5 million mansion in City Studio: View photos and videos

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Vanessa Hudgens just bought a new house! The actress, 33, is officially the owner of a lavish $7.5 million estate in the trendy Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to reports. Diversity‘S Dust publication. The house is 7,249 square meters – can be seen in video is here – includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as a beautiful infinity pool with views of the San Fernando Valley.

Vanessa Hudgens’ new home in Studio City has a light and airy look. (Grosby Team / BACKGRID)

The master bedroom – which will likely be Vanessa’s – includes plenty of luxury features. The room has a custom dressing area, perfect for her red carpet event, as well as a lounge area to relax in. The ensuite bathroom also has a relaxing bath and shower, as well as two sinks (perhaps one for her MLB star boyfriend) Cole Tucker, 26). Notably, the house was built in 1963 but has been completely remodeled to reflect a farmhouse vibe.

The main apartment in Vanessa’s new house. (Grosby Team / BACKGRID)

The Music High School star You won’t have to worry about any intruders here either: there’s full security and towering fences. In addition, the house is hidden in a deep hole. While we never knew Vanessa was a car collector, she’ll have room for six cars on the property – ideal for lots of friends.

Vanessa Hudgens sold her last home for $6.7 million. (Shutterstock)

The big purchase happened right after she sell her last house in the nearby Los Feliz area for $6.7 million. The California native showed off this gorgeous home, remodeled in a massive spread for Architectural Notice back in 2021. According to the interview, she spent “5 years” searching for a Georgia Colonial-style home.

After buying a house, called Little DeMille to the director Cecile B. DeMille who built it in 1922 for her mistress, she hired an interior designer Jake Arnold to add her own personal style to the overall set. However, during COVID, she remodeled the kitchen herself.

“I got it, Why not?” she speaks. “I have new marble, painted cabinets, new knobs and drawers — I really want brass. My girlfriend Ashley Tisdale interior design and I got her advice on where to shop,” she shares about HSM costar.

“I want an old house,” she also said at the time. “For me, there is something so romantic about that, a house with character and quirks. I love the old Hollywood elements: the Art Deco air vents, the chandelier on the stairs, the courtyard that looks like a park… There’s so much about it that impressed me,” she also said.

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