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#priyankachopra Freckled Zelda: 5 things to know about the ‘musical fairy’ as a judge on ‘AGT’ 1 Hour

Freckled Zelda: 5 things to know about the ‘musical fairy’ as a judge on ‘AGT’

The Looking for American talent the auditions are ending, but Zelda freckles ready to show off her amazing talent in front of the judges. She will perform on the July 26 episode of AGT. She appears dressed as a forest fairy and has pointed ears.

Freckled Zelda’s performance strengthens the artist as a force to be reckoned with in season 17. So, who is Freckled Zelda? HollywoodLife has compiled everything you need to know about this “music fairy”.

Freckled Zelda during her ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

1. Zelda freckles is her new name.

Freckled Zelda is the pen name of Rachael Wilson. She told AGT judged that she was a “musical fairy” from the “Forest of Freckles”. On her Instagram, Freckled Zelda revealed that she is actually from California.

2. Freckled Zelda plays the ocarina.

During her audition, Freckled Zelda introduced her ocarina, also known as the “sweet potato flute”. Ocarina is a type of wind instrument. Her ocarina performances are available on Spotify.

3. Freckled Zelda received praise from the judges.

Freckled Zelda performing “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas for her AGT audition. After her performance received rave reviews from the crowd, Freckled Zelda began to cry. “You have a very beautiful voice,” Simon Cowell talk to her. However, he doesn’t think the ocarina is necessary. The freckled Zelda insists that this is who she is and that she will not change. Heidi Klum says she likes Freckled Zelda “unique and different”. The judges overpowered her into the next round.

4. Freckled Zelda is a TikTok star.

Freckled Zelda has over 7 million followers on TikTok and over 170 million likes. Her videos regularly reach more than 1 million views. She teased her appearance on AGT in one tik tok video. “They never had a musical fairy on AGT,” she speaks.

Zelda freckles
Freckled Zelda performed “Colors of the Wind” for her audition. (NBC)

5. Freckled Zelda has released her own music.

Freckled Zelda released an EP in 2021, available on Spotify. Since then, she has released two singles: “I Feel Rather Sad” and “Stay Focused.”

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