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‘AGT’ synopsis: A bullied musician gets the first golden bell of season 17

‘AGT’ synopsis: A bullied musician gets the first golden bell of season 17

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Looking for American talent begin season 17 with The Pack Drumline. They start the night with a lot of energy. “I think it’s charming,” Heidi Klum said, before adding that “the choreography is great.” Howie Mandel told the group that he could feel his heart radiating from the stage. Pack Drumline received approval from Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara also. They’re going to Hollywood!

Jojo Siwa is a global superstar and she’s ready to create the next big thing. her group, XOMG POP!which she created with her mother, auditioning for AGT. XOMG POP! sang their original song “Candy Hearts” as Jojo and her mother cheered them on from backstage.

Performances Premiering Season 17 of ‘AGT’

Jojo Siwa of XOMG POP! performed on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Howie admitted that this was the exact concert his niece wanted to be in. He thinks the group should have their own concert and go on tour. “Every little girl in America will go crazy seeing you on AGT,” said Sofia. Simon said he “loved” the show.

Mervant Vera is a magician from Philadelphia. He changes things up with his magic trick by incorporating rap. “It was unbelievable,” said Simon. He wondered why Mervant hadn’t auditioned before. Howie went as far as to say that Mervant was “one of the best magic shows I’ve ever seen.”

Lee Collinson is a singer from England looking for his big break. He is ready to continue his daily job of erecting the fence. Lee sing a beautiful performance of the Dermot Kennedy’s “Better days.” He received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. Simon points out that there is “something really charming, unpretentious and endearing” about Lee. He hopes this is the start of “something really special” for the singer. Lee Facetimes with his mother when he got approval from all 4 judges.

Lee Collinson
Lee Collinson during his ‘AGT’ season 17 auditions. (NBC)

The AGT the judges must witness their fair share of strange and simple misdeeds. Burn Joe actually burned himself while singing a song for his wife. All 4 judges pressed their red Xs as Burning Joe continued to burn. When that last red X is hit, Burning Joe will be extinguished.

Ben Lapidus told the judges that he was performing an original song. The song focuses on parmesan cheese. Yes really. Simon hit his red X first and the other judges followed suit. However, the crowd started chanting “parmesan” when the referees rejected him. Simon eventually took away his red X and agreed to let Ben take him to Hollywood. Heidi and Sofia also decide to get their Red Xes back.

Celia Munoz Wows The Judges

Trained ventriloquist Ceila Munoz Start the ventriloquist game with her new audition. Heidi said that Celia’s performance was “refreshing”. Howie hailed Celia’s actions as “the most original thing I’ve ever seen.” Simon echoes Howie and admits it’s one of the most original ventriloquists they’ve witnessed on the show.

The amazing Veranica and her incredible friends bring an incredible group of dogs AGT stage. These dogs are very talented. Veranica trained them well! Sofia admitted that she was “shocked” at how good the performance was. “That’s everything. They are very smart,” Simon told Veranica.

Looking for American talent Be the first comedian of the season with Mike E. Winfield. Howie absolutely loves Mike’s jokes. “Everything you say is memorable, authentic…you’re great,” Howie said cheerfully. Next, Shu Takada on stage with her yoyo performance. He was very happy with his performance. Heidi declared Shu’s actions to be “the most amazing yoyo we’ve ever seen.”

Avery Dixon gets its first golden bell

The final performance of the season 17 premiere was the saxophonist Avery Dixon. The 21-year-old was born prematurely and didn’t even weigh 2 pounds when he was born. Avery overcame many medical obstacles to get to where he is today.

Avery admitted to the judges that he was bullied at school. He went to a place so dark that he wanted to die by committing suicide. His performance was one of the most memorable AGT performances. His talent is undeniable. After her performance ended, Avery started to cry.

Avery Dixon
Avery Dixon receives the first Golden Buzzer of season 17. (NBC)

“You will change the world,” Howie told Avery. Sofia said the show was “special because we can feel how special it is for you.” Simon was ready to agree first for Avery when Terry Crews stop him. He said there was no need for the judges to go any further.

Terry brought Avery his first Golden Whistle of the season. “You’ve touched every human heart in this building right now,” an emotional Terry told Avery. “You tell every bully you have a big brother named Terry Crews.” Avery is reunited with her mother on AGT stage. Terry quickly joined them and hugged them tightly.

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