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Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Live Action: First Trailer Reveals Cynthia Erivo’s Release Date and Transformation

Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Live Action: First Trailer Reveals Cynthia Erivo’s Release Date and Transformation

Wish when there was a star, and you will receive! DisneyThe next live-action remake will be Pinocchio! The movie will be popular Disney + in September 2022. With other remakes like 2019 Lion King and 2017 Beauty and the Beast grossing more than $1 billion per film, it’s no surprise that Disney plans to recreate the company’s other animated classics. The new film brings together a cast of A-listers to bring life to a beloved movie!

The film will boast many veteran actors to reimagine the 1940 classic, with both live action and animation. The original film follows the protagonist Pinocchio, a puppet, created by a woodworker named Gepetto, who was magically brought to life. It follows his adventures with a cast of magical characters, as he tries to be a real boy.

Pinocchio (Image: Disney +)

With beloved actors both appearing and contributing to the project, this is sure to be an exciting film that will captivate lifelong Disney fans and newcomers alike. While it’s still a long time before it hits streaming services, HollywoodLife have all the details of the new one Pinocchio for you here!

‘Pinocchio’ Cast and Crew

Tom Hanks stars in the film as puppet maker Geppetto. (Photo Press / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

With iconic characters already well known, Disney has pulled all the limits on casting for the upcoming film. When it comes to Gepetto, the sweet woodcarver who created Pinocchio and wanted a son of his own, Tom Hanks, 65, will play a role! For the Magical Green Fairy, who brought Pinocchio to life, Disney tapped Tony, Grammy and Daytime Emmy Award-winning actresses Cynthia Erivo, 35, to play a part. As for the Villain Chariot, who brought Pinocchio and other naughty boys to Treasure Island, Fast and furious star Luke Evans, 43, will make a second appearance in a Disney live-action remake. He made his debut as Gaston in 2017 Beauty and the Beast.

Pinocchio (Image: Disney +)

The voice cast is as impressive as the live-action stars. Hopefully, we’ll hear Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 41, starring in “When You Wish Upon a Star,” as he’s playing fan favorite character Jiminy Cricket. Other actors who voiced the film include the comedy icon Keegan-Michael Key, 51, who will play Honest John, as well as Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco, 67, who is voicing Sofia the Seagull. But, who will play the lead role of Pinocchio? Teen actors Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, 13, will act as the living puppet. Benjamin is still a novice in the entertainment world. Before Pinocchiohe starred as Miles Wingrave in the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor. He is also one of the stars of the Disney superhero comedy Flora & UlyssesReleased in February 2021.

Luke Evans will return in his second live-action Disney remake as The Coachman. (Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock)

behind the camera, Back to the future auteur Robert Zemeckis is set to direct. Robert has also directed animated classics that look as real as 2004 Extreme speeds and 2009 A Christmas Carol. Robert is also one of the scriptwriters along with Simon Farnaby, everyone wrote Paddington 2 and coming soon Wonka movies and Chris Weitz, who is the writer of the live-action 2015 Cinderella and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

What we know about ‘Pinocchio’ plot

The new film is set to be a remake of the 1940 film, which was adapted from an 1883 children’s novel. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi. While an official plot synopsis has yet to be announced, it looks like it will stick to the original film.

Cynthia Erivo will play the iconic Blue Fairy. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

The story of the original film is well known. It tells the story of Pinocchio, who was created by Gepetto. After the woodcarver wishes that his puppet be a real boy, his wish is granted and the Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio that he can become a real boy, if he proved that he was brave and honest. Pinocchio was naughty while on his way to school, tricked into a circus and then persuaded to go to Cursed Treasure Island. After escaping both the circus owner Stromboli and the charioteer, Pinocchio returns home to learn that Gepetto has been swallowed up by the Monstro whale. After getting into the whale’s belly, Pinocchio found a way to make it sneeze, freeing him and his father! After his heroic rescue, the Green Fairy returns to tell Pinocchio that she’ll turn him into a real boy!

Disney released preview version on May 31. It shows Tom Hanks as Gepetto creating Pinocchio. Cynthia Erivo transforms into the Blue Fairy, and she is also heard singing “When You Wish Upon A Star.”

Pinocchio made its Disney debut in 1940. (Everett Collection)

Release Date & Production Information

Pinocchio will premiere on Disney+ on September 8, which is Disney+ Day. The day will include the D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event in Anaheim, California. Unlike many other live action releases, Pinocchio will not be released in theaters. Previously, it was announced that the puppet play, and the upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy both will debut on Disney+.

The Pinocchio the remake was first announced in 2015, passed Limit line. The script and director’s chair changed hands a few times, before Disney landed Robert Zemeckis in January 2020 command. Tom was revealed as the pick for Gepetto in August 2020, according to Collider. Cynthia, Joseph and Benjamin have been announced as members of the March 2021. It is revealed that production is taking place on March 17, 2021, every Weekly entertainment. Benjamin revealed that he finished filming in April 2022 in one Instagram post. “It was a dream come true,” he wrote in the caption.

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