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Natasha Bassett: 5 things about Elon Musk’s girlfriend on vacation with him in St. Tropez

Natasha Bassett: 5 things about Elon Musk’s girlfriend on vacation with him in St. Tropez

Image credit: John Salangsang / Shutterstock

Elon Musk50, yes transfer from his ex Grimes with girlfriend Natasha Bassett. 29-year-old actress, who starring in the new Elvis storyFirst spotted leaving Tesla CEO private jet on Thursday, February 17. She tried to protect her identity with a long black coat and sunglasses, but a source close to Elon has confirmed that HollywoodLife that the “mystery woman” is actually Natasha and ponders the status of their relationship. Our insider asserts Elon and Natasha “have only been dating for a few months, but they are already in a monogamous relationship. They loved each other very much and spent a lot of time together. “

On Memorial Day 2022 weekend, Elon even took Natasha as a date authorized dealer Ari EmmanuelThe star-studded wedding of the stars in St. Tropez, France. The couple was discovered to have a Romantic lunch by the beach tomorrow.

Here’s everything you need to know about Elon’s girlfriend over the past few months!

1. Natasha Plays as Britney Spears

Natasha Bassett
Natasha Bassett may be dating Elon Musk. (John Salangsang / Shutterstock)

Natasha played one of the biggest pop icons of all time– Britney Spears. The “Toxic” singer made a big splash about being free from oppression conservatorship she was placed under her family’s authority. However, Natasha played the singer in the early days of #FreeBritney in 2017 in the movie Lifetime. The TV series received a lot of criticism, but it was a breakthrough role for the 23-year-old young actress when it was made.

Although Britney’s creative team made it clear that she was irrelevant while making the film and disapproving of it, Natasha thought the film painted Brit in “a really positive light.” She also wants to do justice to the “Circus” singer. “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Britney and what drew me to making this film is that it’s really a feminist story at its core,” she said. Our weekly at that time. “And as a feminist myself, I was inspired to tell the story of one woman’s journey. She faced a lot of challenges, but in the end she came out very strong and at the top.”

2. Natasha in the upcoming Elvis biopic

Natasha has a big role in the coming Elvis story. She plays Elvis Presley’s first girlfriend Dixie Locke In the movie. She is joined by Austin Butler Elvis lead actor and A-list actor Tom Hanks plays his notorious manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The first Summary for the director Baz Luhrmann’s the movie was released on Thursday, February 17th, and Natasha has certainly shared it on her social media. She announced in the caption that Elvis will hit theaters on June 24, 2022!

She appeared center stage at the May 2022 premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, even bringing along Elon’s mother Maye Musk74 years old, like her day, HollywoodLife reported EXCLUSIVELY. “Elon and Natasha are still going strong and over time Natasha has developed a strong bond with her mother Maye. Maye is the most important person in Elon’s world and her affection for Natasha means a lot to him,” the insider revealed.

3. Natasha was born in Australia

Natasha Bassett
Natasha Bassett was spotted leaving Elon Musk’s private jet. (John Salangsang / Shutterstock)

Natasha is a proud Australian! She has born and grew up in New South Wales, Australia. This is where she first discovered her love for acting. At just 14 years old, she got the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet with the Young Peoples Theater of Australia. She has had some other gigs in her home country like in Australian TV series scratch before she moved in New York City to study at the Atlantic School of Acting. After completing her education, she moved to LA, where she currently resides.

4. Natasha Loves Hiking

Based on her social media activity, Natasha is an avid hiker. She’s uploaded posts from some of America’s most popular hiking destinations like the Grand Canyon. She showed her appreciation for the National Park in ‘s post caption, writing, “A testament to the power of water. Touch the rock walls of the canyon, listen to the swift currents of the Colorado River, and keep an eye out for Condors. They have the best vision”. She also has a hiking Instagram Story collection pinned to the top of her profile.

5. Natasha is passionate about giving

Natasha also uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues like global warming and animal rights. She recently documented her trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia. “So happy I got to tour the inside of @currumbinwildlifehospital yesterday, one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world. Their goal is to cure, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife,” she captioned the post. “I watched nurses rehabilitate a koala on its way to recovery. Once koalas fully recover, usually after about 6 weeks, they will be released directly back to where they were found. “

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