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one hour Lokesh Kanagaraj reveals Vikram’s secret: opens up about deleted de-aging tech scenes! – Tamil News – #sonakshisinha

Kollywood Lokesh Kanagaraj reveals Vikram’s secret: opens up about deleted de-aging tech scenes! – Tamil News – Tamil Cinema News

We all know that Lokesh Kanagaraj was on cloud nine when he received a memorable gift from his idol Kamal Haasan following the record success of their latest film “Vikram” at the box office. . There are beautiful action scenes starring Kamal, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad Faasil in the movie.

Meanwhile, there were speculative reports online prior to the film’s release stating that ‘Vikram’ would feature a younger version of Kamal Haasan in some parts where the producers opted for de-aging VFX techniques. But the theatrical version of the film never featured any scenes with young Kamal.

While there were rumors that the scenes were cut out in the editing panel, Lokesh Kanagaraj revealed the truth about the de-aging scenes in an interview after the film’s release. He said, “Scenes with Vikram’s anti-aging technology are still in the process of processing. It took another 6 months to achieve the desired results and so it had to be scrapped for the theatrical release. of the film. It will certainly succeed an exclusive release on digital media.”

It should be noted that we already told you that the uncut version of ‘Vikram’ is about 4 hours long while the theatrical version is only 2 hours and 57 minutes. The team will publish the deleted scenes exclusively online. Lokesh also revealed in his Twitter section to fans that he will be releasing Vikram’s BTS videos on the 26th day of the release.

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