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Boss Arjun Kapoor’s Response to Troll Who Says He’s “Never Can Get In Shape.” Mala…

Boss Arjun Kapoor’s Response to Troll Who Says He’s “Never Can Get In Shape.” Mala…



Arjun Kapoor looks dapper in the photo. (polite: arjunkapoor)

Arjun Kapoor has been vocal about her fitness journey over the years. Before his first movie Ishaqzaade, The actor lost a few kilograms and impressed fans with his transformation and toned physique. Over the years, the actor has shared his thoughts on fitness and body shaming honestly and nuancedly, on various social media platforms. However, along with his fans and wise men, many of Arjun Kapoor’s posts have also attracted the attention of internet trolls, who often leave unfriendly comments. On Tuesday, one such person commented on a photo shared by Arjun Kapoor and commented that the actor “can never get back in shape”.

In fact, the comment was directed at Arjun Kapoor’s trainer Drew Neal and among other things said, “You just print the money. This guy could never get back in shape. He is a rich guy but has no brains. ”

Arjun Kapoor is not in the mood to ignore the baseless comment and respond to the user’s statement. He said, “So, according to people like you, physique is just having cuts on your body. The change in intelligence, performance and push-ups, smiling during a session, eating clean, being disciplined in the face of adversity, makes every session valuable and improves actual health, your strength and posture and push-ups. That’s not the point of training, is it? All of us will just like your show pictures. That’s a sad way of looking at fitness. And if this mentality is relevant, I can stand up to criticism and respond directly. I don’t need to hide behind a photo of myself. “

Arjun Kapoor shared another screenshot of the aforementioned conversation on Instagram Stories and said: “It is because of the comments and thought processes of people hiding behind keyboards like this that the world is made to believe. that fitness is always about looking your best and nothing else,” adding that fitness is so much more for anyone who has been “struggled to lead a normal and healthy life.” the spirit of joy and calm.” Arjun Kapoor says this involves taking care of yourself, doing the best you can and forming a habit of defying obstacles, and “more than just looking like one. DP has no face.”

Encouraging people not to give up on their fitness journey, Arjun Kapoor adds, “I encourage anyone who has had a bad day, week or even month with their diet or lifestyle. surname. You are really strong and courageous if you have the ability to get up and try again. Fitness is not six pack, fitness is about mental, emotional and physical. Harm those who sit to judge and comment; they don’t know you, they don’t know your journey to being happier about your own body. ”


Arjun Kapoor’s post received a lot of support and love from friends and co-stars. His girlfriend Malaika Arora shared a mock-up of the post and said, “Well said, Arjun Kapoor and never let these criticisms and trolls dim your shine. Keep it up. more power to you and your journey.


Arjun Kapoor’s friend superstar Anushka Sharma also retweeted the actor’s Instagram Stories and said, “Wow, Arjun Kapoor.”


Arjun Kapoor’s coach Drew Neal also shared the post with the note, “Words have consequences. Think before you type.”


Arjun Kapoor’s epic reaction to trolls comes just days later The actor broke the internet with a workout video all the way from Nainital. Sharing a video of him lifting weights, jumping rope, and boxing in the gym, the actor said, “Schedule my weekend at Nainital with Drew Neal.”

In the May, Arjun Kapoor casually shows off his abs and talk about his fitness journey over the past 15 months. Two images – one from February 2021 and one from May 2022 – show the actor looking thinner and thinner. In the caption, Arjun said, “15 months in progress. Feels cute and definitely won’t delete later as I’m incredibly proud of this journey. “

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Arjun Kapoor will be seen in a variety of exciting projects including Ek Villain Returns, Kuttey and The Lady Killer.

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