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It’s time to break free from past glory and build a new India of our dreams

It is intentional that India had a great and glorious past going back to the Vedic Civilization that flourished and flourished for millions of years based on the wisdom of the prophets and sages (commonly known as the of the East) focuses on ‘the power of truth’, as in Satyamaiv Jayate and on the strength of the belief that the world is one family, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. For a glorious India of the past, harmony with nature and peaceful coexistence were non-negotiable. Respect for diversity and unwavering belief in ‘The Oneness of Diversity’ and respect for ‘Diversity of uniqueness’, as in the opening sentence of the Isavasya Upanishad of the Rig Veda ‘Om Purnamida, Purnamidam Purnat Purna Mudachayate’literally the fundamentals to celebrate life and its eternal journey from infinity to eternity.

Righteousness means to cultivate goodness, Satvik, and engage in work activities with a sense of self-serving self and society with altruistic motives, commitment and unconditional dedication to work activities, as in Yoga Karmeshu Koshalamis a sign of achieving excellence in all human endeavours. It is not surprising that India’s glorious past continues to be a great inspiration to create a bright, prosperous and happy future not only for us, the people of India but also for the global community. all around the world.

A vector illustration depicting the concept of Ai vs Natural Intelligence (Image credit: Medium)

But the 24×7 digging into the glory of the past, as seen today, leaves the Indian Mind the least concerned with the basic realities that directly affect the happiness and quality of life of its people. we. It is not enough that we say that ancient India firmly believed in Satyamaiv Jayate, we need to ensure that truth and honesty are practiced in our daily lives as fundamental principles of upright conduct. Likewise, devotion to work activity and service to the creator, Almighty God cannot be ignored if we are serious about creating the India of our dreams and redesigning the world that we aspire to live today.

If we continue to spend all our time preoccupied with recounting the glories of the past, there will be little time left in the minds of Indians to tackle the challenges at hand with sincerity and the commitment expected from a cultural society in an age of knowledge and innovation that requires continued engagement in deep learning and constant innovation, while achieving the grand goals of inclusive development and sustainable, while building a peaceful and harmonious society, allowing us to celebrate life and make profound contributions to creating and maintaining this beautiful world.

The basic fact is that we have little to no traffic consciousness nor can we enforce traffic discipline on our beautiful roads and highways which has led to India becoming the number one in the world in terms of road accident deaths (an average of every 4 minutes an Indian dies in a road accident). Why don’t we tackle this terrible problem with all our might of technological innovation and integration that other advanced countries have been able to accomplish and achieve. Investments need to be made in training drivers and enhancing their capacity to drive safely and strictly follow traffic laws. But we’re probably busier selling cars and motorbikes through lucrative bank loans and making it easier to get a driver’s license than anywhere else in the world. How long can we afford to do this?

We also need post-war actions to tackle the monstrous air and water pollution in our country as we better understand the impact of air and water pollution on human health. people and environment. The India of our dreams should include the agenda of achieving air quality below 20 micrograms per cubic meter and not discharging wastewater into rivers and water bodies in India. These are achievable goals and should not be set aside as we plan for economic growth. Rapid action is needed to bring about green mobility on India’s roads, rigorous monitoring and compliance with industry air and water pollution standards, and heavy investment in civil services, including wastewater treatment.

The basic fact is that India is facing a serious threat to the health of its people due to air and water pollution as well as from poor food quality. Injecting hormones in fruits and vegetables and using too many pesticides continue to damage the quality of fruits and vegetables, which is considered the healthiest diet for us humans, who was born to live a full healthy life. Satvikplant-based and stable plant-based diet that our forefathers used to create and maintain a healthy and happy India in the past.

If the crowds in our hospitals are any indicator, the health of the nation is highly questionable. Can we continue with the frenzy that spoils the quality of fruits and vegetables and pray for a healthy life for our people? We need to invest heavily in waking up mass farmers, the business community and the general public, and building rigorous monitoring and testing facilities for compliance with food safety standards. for our people. Without the investment in world-class inspectors to implement food quality standards in India, would only prayers for peace and happiness not work?

We also need to steer people away from the misinformation and misinformation of social media as the power of social media has become one of the most powerful tools for influencing social media. their behavior and thoughts. While regulation of social media will be part of the solution, a public awakening to protection from social media’s misinformation and misinformation will be absolutely necessary. set. In the name of freedom of speech and information, we cannot create an environment of misinformation and misinformation. We are a democracy, and a well-functioning democracy requires an informed society and responsible citizenship. A misinformed society leads to disastrous consequences and seriously threatens the democratic establishment.

Finally, we need to pay more attention to human happiness and the actions and activities that create a happy and healthy society. Existing economic development models produce large economic growth but large economic inequalities lead to a weak and unhappy society. Recent Government policies. of India to achieve the grand goals of inclusive development and Swachh Bharat 2.0 that promises a neat and clean India with zero discharge of sewage into the rivers and waters of India, giving great hope for a greener and brighter future for India and its people. people. Strategies for New India @ 80 and actions against war consequences are needed as we usher in a new dawn of growth and development for the New India of our dreams.

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