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5 delicious dishes in Jamnagar that you should try once Bollywood Gossipes

As a prominent city of Gujarati, Jamnagar indulges in countless sumptuous delicacies that are true bliss in its infancy. Right from spicy and aromatic street food to nutritious desserts, Jamnagar offers delicious munchies that are often healthy as they are made with gram flour. With a unique vegetarian flavor mixed with the oldest culinary treasures, this small city has delicious dishes that you must enjoy. Here are 5 dishes you should definitely try when coming to Jamnagar.

Aam Shrikhand

One of the most nutritious traditional dishes of Gujarati cuisine, Shrikhand is made from cold creamed curd and topped with sugar, cardamom, nuts and saffron to give it a flavour. Unique sweetness. Aam Shrikhand is another version of the usual style that is usually prepared in the summer. Locals often season this recipe with mango pulp for a cooler feel. Be it the traditional version of sizzle or the mango – both are just that outrageous post-love treat that you should add to your must-try list.


Rotlo, a local favorite, is a flatbread made with bajra, jowar, and nachni flour. It is known as a most nutritious dish because the ingredients used in it are quite healthy. For those coveted vibes, the rotlo is enjoyed with raw white onions, green peppers, and buttermilk.



Looking exactly like Laphing, this delicacy is a breakfast star in Jamnagar. This dish is made with the deliciousness of butter and flour and the small rolls are seasoned with sesame seeds stir-fried with local spices. Served with curry leaves, coriander, sautéed dill, mustard and coconut, you won’t be able to resist the tantalizing flavor of this dish. What else? Khandvi is quite easy to prepare and is light, healthy and delicious, making it the perfect dish to enjoy during breakfast or a mid-morning snack.


This delicious snack is most loved by the people of Jamnagar. Not only delicious, but also packed with diverse flavors and nutrients, this dish is made from Colocasia leaves. These leaves are further dripped into a fine besan dough, accompanied by seasonings, sugary syrups, and sour flavors. The ingredients used in this recipe are high in iron and this dish is made from the steaming process, both of which increase its nutritious qualities.


A special sweet of the city, Ghari is white and made up of fresh flour, milk, buttermilk and sugar along with a hint of rose water. Moreover, it has a round shape like a soup cake and is stuffed with dates. It is available in different varieties including Kesar, pista, almond and mawa.

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