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5 Vastu tips to bring positivity and prosperity to your place

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of structural design that aims to foster elegance and positivity in your home. Our home is the safest outlet and to manage its environment in a positive way it is important to pay attention to elements that focus on the flow of energy. Vastu and astrology go hand in hand to bring cosmic energy into your home, not only keeping it tidy but also making you feel happy and relaxed. Obviously, you can’t rebuild an apartment for the sole purpose of undoing its construction according to Vastu but you can certainly take a small path and fix it up according to Vastu’s rules to earn money. attract a feeling of prosperity.

Here are some tips to spruce up your home according to Vastu.

1. Entrance is one of the prominent aspects of a house. Therefore, it is quite important to get on the bridge with the correct element. Vastu says that planting a tulsi tree near your main door or entrance can positively nourish your surroundings. The Tulsi tree has been worshiped for ages since it is connected with God Vishnu and is also enriched with soothing healing properties. It is said that placing this plant in the east direction near your main door can easily absorb negative energy. Furthermore, keep your house nameplate spotless as it can attract many opportunities.

2. After your entryway is arranged, make sure that the hallway of your house has a nice picture or a small statue of Ganesha or smiling Buddha as that is the first thing you see and the elements. Such is known to effectively arouse positive emotions or energy while soothing your eyes. Also, keep a tab on its location and make sure it’s facing the door.

Buddha decoration

3. Your main gate is the door for the oomph. Take care of its design and make sure it is bigger than any other door in your home. Wooden doors are more effective for nurturing high radiant positive energy. Along with this, make sure your main door is decorated with pretty decorations.

4. Your bedroom should not have any mirrors, especially at the feet, as it makes you see yourself sleeping and can hinder your productivity, affect your energy, or increase your energy levels. your stress level. Mirrors reflect the energy you release into you. Cover the mirror or move it to another angle.

Change the position of the mirror

5. Never keep your living area or bedroom disorganized. It is believed that these two spaces are the main rooms in your home because you spend most of your time in them. Keeping these rooms cluttered will increase stress in your life. Remember to clean your couch or couch daily and clear the space under the bed while still maintaining some free space in your bedroom.

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