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Amber Heard in tears after Johnny Depp’s obscene text messages were read aloud in court

Near the end Johnny Depp with Amber Heard In a defamation case, the heat has risen in several respects as both sides try to work out their version of the truth before a grand jury comes out to consider the evidence and arrive at a verdict. This famous case has gone viral on the internet and every moment is picked up by netizens and keenly scrutinized.

On Wednesday, via ET Canada, Depp Once again took a stand while Heard’s attorney Ben Rottenborn sifted through a sizzling cross-examination, where he again pulled out Depp’s past text messages and read them aloud in court. Though this particular text elicited a rather unusual reaction from Heard as she shed tears when the text was apparently read aloud. In the text, Johnny stressed that he was done with his ex-wife and wanted to refute her outlandish allegations of domestic violence and abuse.

Depp wishes Heard died in the text and mentions that the Aquaman star is “begging for global humiliation” as he adds, “she’ll get it.” The text appears to have been sent around the time Heard filed for the restraining order alongside her divorce filing while she failed to even send the required 24-hour notice to Depp’s attorney. The text continues, “I have no mercy, no fear, and no emotion, or what I once thought to be love for gold, low, a dozen, sentimental, nonsense dangling too much. Fish market abuse levels… I’m so f** happy king, she wants to fight this one!!! She’s going to hit the wall hard!!! And I can’t wait to remove this wasted ac** guzzler out of his life!!!”

The text goes on to call Heard a “50-cent stripper” and continues, “I’m not going to touch her with a damn glove. I can only hope that karma comes and takes it away. the gift is the breath from her.” This is the point where Heard was caught wiping tears from his face as he listened to the story in court.

Meanwhile, the message also made an elusive hit for Amber’s ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, “Let’s see if mollusks have pairs… Come see me in person…. I’ll show him things he’s never seen before… Like, the other side of his side when I cut it out…”

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