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#jansevanews Anything Possible Review: Billy Porter’s Confident Directorial Debut Serves a Cheerful Teen Romance

Anything is possible

Cast can happen anything: Eva Reign, Abubakr Ali, Renee Elise Goldsberry

The director can be of anything: Billy Porter

Streaming platform: Main video

Possible stars of anything: 3/5

If there’s one thing that Anything’s Possible really does at helping you find your inner self, it’s the rate at which we throw adjectives around without much regard for what they mean to the person they’re attached to. In the film, Eva Reign’s Kelsa dislikes being called “brave” while the film’s other protagonist, Khalid/Khal shows obvious discomfort after being described as a “nice” person multiple times. As you watch the movie, you’ll be able to explain to yourself why these characters don’t want to be reduced to these adjectives because they’re very similar to the species Kelsa describes in her YouTube vlog, unique and unique. unique in their own right without the quality that defines them.

It’s worth thinking about how “nice” and “brave,” labels we often attach to people based on how we view them. At a time when we realize how important it is to live in a world without labels when it comes to embracing ourselves, maybe it’s time to be careful before we pressure someone to be some version of themselves because of their actions. The best part of Anything’s Possible is how it focuses on being a heartwarming teen romance that explores two characters coming together when they’re ready to fully accept their individualities.

The film nicely explores the life of a transgender high school student, Kelsa (Eva Reigns), an optimistic and proud person who has yet to open up to frequent high school experiences like finding a boyfriend. and have to go through first love. On the other hand, Khal (Abubakr Ali) is afraid to speak out. His lack of expression when it comes to his homophobic friend or his inability to open up about his dreams and choices toward his conservative parents has held him back and has Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like being called “nice”. When Kelsa and Khal find each other, it’s a love story that can only achieve the best of both worlds.

Anything can rate 2

The film opens with Reigns’ Kelsa filming a vlog for her YouTube channel where she talks about creatures with unique traits at another point in the film when she asks why she She aspires to be a zoologist and what she loves most about animals, she says, is because their uniqueness is what keeps them alive. Soon we see Kelsa and her friends, Em (Courtnee Carter) and Chris (Kelly Lamor Wilson) getting ready to start their senior year, which means the college talk is coming up, too. and Kelsa’s mother (Renée Elise Goldsberry) is ready for it, trying to get her daughter to finish her college essay as soon as possible.

Kelsa’s college anxieties take a backseat at school when she teams up with Khal (Ali) in an art class and soon sparks fly between the duo. The two even drain each other’s energy perfectly when a shy Khal meets his opposite, the optimistic Kelsa. While mutual feelings continue to develop between Khal and Kelsa, there is a slight turn in the road when her friend Em (Carter) also develops feelings for him. While Kelsa is about to lose a friend thanks to her new relationship, the same thing happens to Khal when his best friend Otis (Grant Reynolds) turns out to be transgenic. Despite everything around them, Khal and Kelsa continue to grow as they find trust and comfort in each other above all else.

Anything can be rated 3

Anything’s Possible succeeds in giving us a seemingly organic love story and a genuine teen romantic comedy that doesn’t exist simply because it wants to be immersed in diverse storytelling. The film clearly comes from the heart of director Billy Porter and writer Ximena García Lecuona. At just an hour and thirty-five minutes, the film can make you fall in love with Kelsa right away and I almost wish there was a little more we could explore her life. Kelsa’s story also has the potential to be a series, if we discover more about her other relationships, such as her relationship with her mother and how Em and Chris becomes her friend.

Among the film’s pluses is the way it poses the right questions and solutions to them. At one point in the film, Kelsa expresses her concern about dating Khal when she says, “What if Khal was only interested in dating her because of the ‘wake point'” ? The point of the film is to give you an understanding that things are likely to happen if and when there is acceptance and willingness to do so.

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Billy PorterThe vision of Anything’s Possible is quite clear, he aims to turn it into a young, dynamic and warm romantic comedy at the same time. There are a few things to dislike about this movie except for a few moments where you feel it’s a bit rushed and could have more ground when it comes to its main characters. In terms of transgender love stories and their scarcity in film and TV content, it’s a welcome addition and, hopefully, it will help inspire more artists to explore along. In addition to capturing the beauty of his hometown of Pittsburgh through the eyes of the film’s lead couple, Porter also used his unparalleled eye for fashion to add a colorful palette to the film through his fabulous wardrobe. by Kelsa designed by Analucia McGorty.

In terms of acting, Eva Reign plays the charming Kelsa in every frame. She is the energy behind this teenage love story that keeps you invested. As for Abubakr Ali, the actor made an impression on David Attenborough and managed to make those quiet glances and shy vibes look completely natural. Also, Renée Elise Goldsberry turns out to be a scene stealer as Kelsa’s mother. Anything that can work out as a fun teen romance seems rare these days with most web shows and movies tapping into the dark side of the average experience. learn.


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