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Colors of Courage: Meet Tanvi Ravishankar, who battled an eating disorder to victory as a model & choreographer

Growing up, Tanvi never worried about her looks or struggled with self-love. “Body positivity is not something I achieve but something I was born with, because I have never had any problems with my body image, even as a child. . I didn’t know there was a term for it until I started blogging; Before that, I never struggled with it. ” Tanvi confessed that she was a very active kid and that confidence is something she naturally has. She said, “My mother always told me, ‘Don’t worry about your looks; worry Don’t worry about your studies. Looks fade with time.’ Not only does she say it, but she shows it.

Speaking of her clan affectionately, she said, “My family is from South India. I was surrounded by members of the artistic family who also excelled in their studies. So I moved to Bombay after finishing my engineering degree from Pune to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer”.

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where many people define our worth by our body size, rather than our talents and abilities. Indeed, Tanvi was heartbroken when he was rejected by the academy. “Despite the fact that I was much thinner than I am now, weighing 20 kg less, the academy still wanted me to lose more weight. I literally starved myself; At the time, I had no idea that I was suffering from an eating disorder, and no one had ever told me that I had.

Dance Tanvi

“I would eat and then vomit whatever I had consumed. After a day of dancing and working out at the gym, come home and eat two hard-boiled eggs. I definitely lost weight this way because I worked out 12-14 hours a day and I lost about 25 kg. However, it is extremely unhealthy,” she said.

It was 2011 when a dance academy asked her to leave the show because of her weight. “There was no mental health awareness at the time, but I believe I suffered from depression because I lacked the energy and the mind to do anything. I used to work very hard to lose weight. There are many others who lack my passion, fire, or even talent. My mentor used to say to me ‘Tanvi, you have 99 out of 100 things a dancer needs; all you need is a body,’ she recalled explaining that they didn’t want to risk her because she was fat.

lakme fashion week

Life quickly took a turn for the better, when Tanvi’s passion for fashion and style brought her to Lakme Fashion Week, where she discovered her charm. For their first plus-size fashion show, Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar was among 10 famous internet fashionistas who strutted downhill. “The first time I met people at Lakme Fashion Week, I met girls who looked a lot like me, but when I started talking to them, I realized they were struggling with their bodies. for years, and they’re still struggling. They’re not allowed to do certain things or wear certain outfits that I consider basic, such as short-sleeved T-shirts or shorts,” she lamented.

Tanvi as a blogger

This prompted Tanvi to blog about her journey to body positivity and encourage other women to be confident in their bodies. The awards soon followed when she won the Cosmopolitan BodyLove Influencer 2022. However, life was not always rosy, as Tanvi had to deal with her disappointments and setbacks.

She admits, “I get trolled every day, and a woman can only lose so much in a day. So when I fell into a downward spiral due to the overwhelming nature of social media, I took a week off to disconnect and focus on my personal life,” Tanvi sighed, adding that she She never allows positive or negative comments to bring her joy or sadness. “People’s comments, or the lens through which they see you, should never affect you or change who you are.”

love yourself and accept

Speaking of self-acceptance for people who struggle with their bodies, she says, “Our body’s job is to keep us alive and moving. So stop expecting it. look a certain way you are amazing, beautiful and deserve all the love, respect and care that you are.We need to stop looking for validation from others and take accept and be content with yourself… outside love will come to you,” she concluded.

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