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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Someone of Rajesh Roshan’s caliber doesn’t care if he’s underrated or overrated’ – Lucky Ali

Ikk pal ka jeena, phir to two jaana

Tohfa kya leke jaayenge, dil yeh bataana,

Khaali haath aaye the hum

Khaali haath jaayenge…

It’s a rare cinematic moment when the score, singer and star blend together seamlessly. Lucky Aliraucous rendition of tuned by Rajesh Roshan and performed by Hrithik Roshan with his signature moves in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai… now a club song.

Part-philosophy-part-celebration, one who sings rock, one who screams for love, also warns of the transience of life. What makes this number so special to Lucky Ali, aside from it winning him the Filmfare Award for Best Replay, is the fact that the first four lines, written by him, have caused quite a stir. his, his search. Furthermore, it was composed by Rajesh Roshan, whom he fondly calls ‘Raju Bhai’.

Lucky’s relationship with Rajesh Roshan has been a long one. His father, the legendary Mehmood, gave Rajesh his first break in Kunwara Baap, while young Lucky harnessed his musical talents to support Rajesh in the early 80s. Since then, both have march to their own rhythm. Lucky’s albums such as Sunoh (with blockbuster O sanam), Sifar, Aks…, and his montages including Sur are now part of musical lore. Even as his latest video single Intezar, featuring producer/composer Mikey McMcleary, is going up the charts, Lucky looks back with affection where it all began… with conductor Rajesh Roshan .

In Lucky Aliown words…

Daddy and Raju Bhai

Our connection has come a long way back. The son of legendary composer Roshan saab, Raju Bhai (Rajesh Roshan) inherits musical flair. Dad (the late Mehmood) heard Raju Bhai playing percussion on a recording of Laxmiknat-Pyarelal. He was impressed by his tunes. That’s why he gave Raju Bhai a break from directing Kunwara Baap (1974). The compositions of Raju Bhai Saj rahi gali meri ma (singing with the 15 eunuchs) and lorie Aa ri aa jaa are still remembered. In fact, lorie Kishore Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar was inspired by the song Que Sera Sera, in the Alfred Hitchcock film The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956). Dad loved it and used to hum it. Raju Bhai used that influence in Aa ri aa jaa. My father loved this tune so much that he used to sing it to my mother. In fact, every time he sings numbers on stage, he gets emotional.

Later, Raju Bhai also composed music for Dad’s Ginny Aur Johnny (1976) and Ek Baap Chhe Bete (1978). Incidentally, I am singing Buddhe teri chaal buddhe and Walking and I am walking alone. Although they’re not my kind of songs, I don’t have a voice. It’s Dad’s movie. Dad never took me seriously and neither did I. When I was a kid, I just did what my dad asked me to do. In Janta Hawaldar (1979), directed by Dad, Raju Bhai, based on the soothing Teri aankhon ki chahat mein sung by Anwar on an old composition by Roshan saab Tamanna hai ke roshan ho teri duniya teri mehfil. It’s an unforgettable tune.

My best friend, my friend

Rajesh roshan

Raju Bhai respects his father very much and does his best. Dad is a very demanding person and a difficult operator when the music is on. But once Dad leaves the room, Raju Bhai and I will be happy. When I was a teenager, my dad wanted me to be financially independent. He wants me to hang around doing nothing. He said, “Jaao apna kamaao!” Having a musical inclination, I started attending Raju Bhai’s recording sessions. He gave the warmest welcome and said, “Lucky Aaja!” He would come pick me up and take me to sitting sessions in his studio in Santacruz on his scooter. Raju Bhai was a religious man who feared God. Along the way, he will stop at trustees and do pranam. The most frequented person is the mandir in Bandra Talao.

I enjoyed Raju Bhai’s writings, the music space, the way he functions, his energy and dedication. I especially miss Balwant, Nirmal, Amar, and Arvind… talented musicians and part of his team who have also become my friends. Johnny Jairaj, his music coordinator, is still my friend. So did the late Tarun Dutt, son of Guru Dutt. We are part of a group. Raju Bhai’s friends Pachpach and Raju Pandya will also hang around. They are all kind and sweet people. As an assistant, I have earned some money, which makes me feel very happy. During the break, we will have samosas in the canteen.

Raju Bhai is a cool guy with a strong sense of discipline. He comes to the music room around 10am and works until 1pm. He returned at 5pm and continued his session until 8pm. He is very passionate about his work and one thing that annoys him is the skewed rhythm.

I consider myself a C-rated musician. I’m not a trained person. As a trainee with Raju bhai, I may have played a few guitar riffs here and there in Man Pasand, Mr. Natwarlal, and other movies. I went through the motions trying to absorb how it all works – be it recording or putting songs together. The drill helped me when I compose my own albums later. I value those years with Raju Bhai as an enriching experience.

Then I moved to Bangalore. My career has changed. I got into acting. I supported Shyam Babu (Benegal) for academic reasons. It’s a film-related university. I did Shyam Babu’s Trikaal (1985) and the TV series Bharat Ek Khoj (1988). Gradually, my own albums Sunoh (1996), Sifar (1998), Gori Teri Aankhen … (2001) came out.

lucky alias - 2

Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

Rakesh Roshanji is working for Kaho Naa… Pyar Hai (2001) to debut his son, Hrithik Roshan. He called Daddy and said, “Bhaijaan that’s my son’s movie.” I brought my whole band, including lead guitarist Kalyan Baruha, to Raju Bhai’s musical group.

For Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, I sang two numbers. The lighthearted Na tum jaano na hum, which begins with the chorus ‘Hey aate ho, we’ve lost our way,’ was written by Ibrahim Ashq and sung by Ramaya and myself. The other is the music inside of which the first four lines, Ikk pal ka jeena, phir toh hai jaana, tohfa kya leke jaayenge, dil yeh batana… are contributed by me. Lyricist Vijay Akela developed on it. The crochet guitar riff was made for my album Gori Teri Aankhen. I chose it for the song.

On a lighter note, the song has the lines – Ek chehra khaas hai, milne ki aas hai. I have a problem with the word ‘aas’ (read as **e). I called Hrithik and said, “Imagine you would be on the screen singing that line. This is your movie debut. ” He ran up to Rakeshji and said, “I don’t want to sing those lines…” Raju Bhai saw no reason to drop the words and the lines were kept. The song has many vocal nuances, which happen spontaneously along the way. It took almost two weeks to record it. You know something? I haven’t seen any movies or songs…not for any reason. It just didn’t happen.

Looking back on my journey, two things I appreciate very much are the friendliness of RD Burmanda and the brotherhood of Raju Bhai. Actually, there is definitely a Burmese influence among my Tum hise from Suno. Is Rajesh Roshan underrated? I don’t think he even cares. Musicians of his caliber don’t mind the ratings. They do it for the love of it. Artists, who get a lot of love from the audience, they don’t care if they are underrated, underrated or overrated. Basically, Raju Bhai is a shy guy. He likes to be in the background. He simply focused on his work. That’s what makes him a unique musician.

I’m glad I got to know him during my adult years even though we’ve had separate trips. I have so much love and gratitude for my dearest friend, who has been with me through the difficult and arduous years of my life. He was a lovable companion who walked a certain distance with me.

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