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Naagin 6, May 21, 2022, Updated Writing: Pratha kills Reynaksh

In today’s episode, Mehek goes to rescue Chanda from Reynaksh and then transforms into naagin and fights him. He transforms into a nevla and attacks her back. Rishab told Pratha that if he found out that Rehan was harassing Samaira, he would leave her. Seema tells Pratha that Chanda is with Reynaksh so now she will get kalaash amrit. Pratha gets shocked and then goes to temple to fight nevla and rescue Chanda. She warns him that she has Shivji’s blessing. Shivji’s Trishul fell from the sky and formed a circle. She throws the nevla in the middle of the trishul and kills the nevla.

She walks up to Chanda and tells her that she kept her promise to not let anything happen to her as long as she lives. Pratha comes home and thinks she needs to convince Rishabh. Pratha comes home and tells Seema that she killed nevla at Ujjain temple and Chanda is safe now. Seema gets angry and tries to slap her. She stops her and tells her it’s not easy to kill her. Seema challenges Pratha and tells her that she will make her life a living hell.

Pratha wonders how nevla can be related to Seema when she is so protective of him. Seema tries to enter the temple but is stopped by some forces. Then she gets help from Babul. Seema tells Babul that Pratha killed Reynaksh. He tells her that it can’t happen because Nevla always wins when the fight between naagin and nevla. He said that Reynaksh especially couldn’t lose. Seema asks him where is nevla.

This episode was watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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