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#PriyankaChopra #Blackadam Scorpio to Aquarius: 4 zodiac signs suffer from awkward silence because they can’t make small talk #yrkkh

Scorpio to Aquarius: 4 zodiac signs suffer from awkward silence because they can’t make small talk

Some people are born with an innate gift, and for others it is an acquired skill. However, we are all used to arming ourselves with some interesting conversation starters when we enter a new environment or meet new people. But there are some Zodiac signs who like to endure awkward silences because they can’t indulge in petty talk on their own. Let’s see who they are-


A great friend and co-worker, Aries gets along with friends and co-workers like a house on fire. However, not all of their interactions are so easy. There are some people who just apply the gel which is not good with this burn mark. And when they face signs of emotional fidelity, there’s nothing but awkward silence. Aries often fails to spark small talk with Cancer, Pisces or even Scorpio.


Capricorns are very thorough about the little details of their work lives, they are also knowledgeable professionals with a working knowledge of their industry. They can talk to you about the weather, the latest bestsellers, or even news in surrounding countries. However, one thing they can’t do is make small talk if you want to join a conversation with this earth sign then you have to ask some questions directly to get any kind of response. .


Breaking the ice with an Aquarius is extremely difficult because they don’t like small talk. You can call it a polite conversation but they consider it a waste of their time. Most Aquarius are very meticulous planners and carefully plan all their free time for them to pursue hobbies that help develop their professional skills.


Scorpios are observant and they can happily spend hours staring at people on the subway or their office, but they will never ‘waste time’ talking to people . In their opinion, they learn more about people by watching them and listening to their conversations. However, such behaviors of a Scorpio can make you appear intimidating and like a stalker.

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Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these attributes mainly focus on your zodiac sign qualities; All of the above may not necessarily apply to you.

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