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Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp reveals upcoming season ‘a lot darker’ and ‘scarrier’

Strange things actor Noah Schnapp in a recent press conference, which Pinkvilla attended, teased how next season will be different from previous seasons. Season 4 Netflix’s sci-fi thriller ‘Stranger Things’ is darker than any other, according to Noah Schnapp, who has been a member of the series’ main cast since its inception.

When asked if the upcoming season 4 will be ‘darker’ for viewers, Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, said, “Yes, it’s a lot darker. It’s crazy, I remember, I just watched the first two episodes because they just sent us the first four, and it shocks me because it’s crazy and scary.” Noah added, “Because every season when we do this, I always say “It’s a lot darker, it’s a lot bigger,” that’s the classic thing you say to Stranger Things, but this season, when I watched it, I was horrified by some of the parts. so it’s definitely scarier.”

Since the first season premiered on Netflix in 2016, Schnapp has played Will Byers. The show then became a huge phenomenon for the streaming service, with its ’80s setting and homage to movies and TV series from that time capturing hearts and minds. of everyone. This year, Netflix will release a fourth season with two seasons, the first on May 27 and the second on July 1. Season 4 will see Schnapp reprise his role, though not What is known about Season 5.

Due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, viewers don’t see the residents of Hawkins, Indiana facing the latest danger from the Upside Down since the summer of 2019. Stranger Things’ universe shifts to California for the fourth season, where Will, Eleven, Joyce (Winona Ryder), and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) have emigrated. Part of the season will also take place in Russia, where Hopper (David Harbour) is imprisoned.

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