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Miles Teller recounts how he bonded with Tom Cruise during ‘difficult’ flight training

We feel the need, the need for speed!“We’re just a day away from the much-awaited release of Top Gun: Maverick, has been 36 years in production. Tom cruise , While Tom Cruise returns as his iconic character, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, we’re sure we wouldn’t be without Maverick’s beloved sidekick and LTJG best friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards). But fear not! Because Miles Teller is bringing out some of Goose’s endearing charm while adding a sassy touch of her own playing Bradshaw’s son, Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw.

While on-screen Maverick and Rooster are in dire straits for various emotional reasons, off-screen Miles Teller and Tom Cruise bond spectacularly on set. Top Gun: Maverick. I had the humble opportunity to enjoy tete-à-tête with Miles,

in Top Gun: Maverick’s magazine, and the 35-year-old actor candidly talked about how he wanted the chance to meet Anthony Edwards aka Goose and how much of it he incorporated Goose’s mannerisms into playing the role. Rooster, the flying scenes made him say, “Damn! I did it and it was great!”, the feeling of training with Tom Cruise aka ‘Mr. Trustworthy’, who pays such attention to detail, what are his previous memories of watching Top Gunswas released a year before he was born, and if he feels Top Gun: Maverick could top the 1986 classic.

Especially when it comes to the close relationship with Tom Cruise, especially when passionate about joining the “tough” flight training regiment for Top Gun: Maverick Specialized by the Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One star himself, Miles was full of praise for his co-star: “Wow, that’s incredibly helpful and what you said is exactly how I would describe Tom.

I don’t think anyone pays… attention to detail that Tom has and it’s real… and for us, with flying, it just shows… he I know how difficult that is because he’s a pilot and he’s clearly done all of the first things in this movie, and it bonded us to him in a really unique way. It was unique because there were very few people on that set.

We were flying and flying every day, it was a group of new pilots. And then, Tom. So when the guy who led the movie was doing the same thing. It’s just what you are, it’s just, that’s really… yeah! really lucky to see him do it.”

Watch Miles Teller’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla about Top Gun: Maverick THIS.

How excited are you to see Miles Teller as the Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick? Share your excitement with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Top Gun: Maverick release tomorrow, that is, May 27th.

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