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Virgo to Aries: 4 zodiac signs that like to talk to themselves negatively Bollywood Gossipes

There are often people who cheer themselves up before an important meeting by telling themselves ‘they have this’. Such positive motivation is a great way to calm your nerves in everyday life. On the other hand, people born under certain zodiac signs act like their own worst enemies by negative self-talk. This is a great way to spark your fear of failure and talk to yourself. Watch for star signs that tend to be self-deprecating by being too hard on themselves.


Cancers are overthinkers who obsess over their past actions and berate themselves for their behaviour. If you want to rise above your fears and uplift yourself then you have to retrain your mind to make sure you don’t overthink it. People with cancer must be kind to themselves and not talk about themselves negatively.


If you think Virgos are merely criticizing others, then you have to think again. These individuals are very hard on themselves as they seek perfection in performing small tasks and even larger projects. This is not always possible, but Virgo often criticizes and curses aspects of their personality through negative emotions and words.


A Libra will stand by their friends in any situation. They will also be your biggest cheerleaders when you’re down. But they do not extend the same courtesy to themselves. They tend to expect too much of themselves and then blame themselves when they feel disappointed that they haven’t met their lofty standards. Libra must remember to be kinder to yourself.

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While this zodiac sign can seem confident and arrogant at times, Aries is also plagued by insecurities. They often wonder if they are really good enough for the job, good enough as a son, or even if they are even good enough as a wife or husband. Their tendency to be critical of themselves can do a lot of damage and make them prone to anxiety.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these attributes mainly focus on your zodiac sign qualities; All of the above may not necessarily apply to you.

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