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Ante Sundaraniki’s Twitter Review

Ante Sundaraniki’s Twitter Review

Ante Sundaraniki’s Twitter Review

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Reviews on Twitter / Live Updates: Nani and Ante Sundaraniki, who plays the lead role of Nazriya, finally arrived in theaters today. We bring you some viewer comments/reviews about the movie Ante Sundaraniki shared on Twitter.


Venky Review: #AnteSundaraniki A classic romantic comedy that is both entertaining and emotional! The movie is engaging although it feels natural to feel lengthy and humorous at times. Emotions work well. Nani, Nazriya, and the rest of the cast are all perfect. Go for it Rating: 3.25 / 5

Harshvardhan: First screening of #AnteSundaraniki.

Thyview: Great home entertainer #AnteSundaraniki

Sharat: The second half was fantastic. Vivek was a gem as he made the love story unpredictable with humor and emotion. This is one of those kind love stories. Must see #AnteSundaraniki

tolly_wood_UK_Europe: #AnteSundaraniki Part 1: Comedy, intro, love story, Interval Blockbuster half 1 with all the perfect elements Nuvvu naku nachav Kind of comedy.

Pradyumna Reddy: #AnteSundaraniki from the United States With its hilarious scenes and intricate script beautifully written, #AnteSundaraniki is sure to win your heart. @NameisNani One man show, dialogue time, performance. Love every frame, Brilliant images by @nikethbommi @MythriOfficial.

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