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Corona to Adivi Sesh.. Tweet to see those movies! #janasevanews

Tollywood Corona to Adivi Sesh.. Tweet to see those movies!


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Published: Friday, August 5, 2022, 17:29 [IST]

Aadushi Sesh recently got super successful with the movie Major based on the life story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Made on a very low budget, this film broke even and made huge profits and became a hot topic of discussion. Adushi Sesh, who made his mark with the movie Major, recently said that he was infected with Corona and suggested to watch some movies. In fact, with the intention of becoming a hero, after completing his studies in America, Adivi Sesh tried to return to India and become an actor.

As part of that, he has also played a character artist in films like Panja before that. However, he did not disappoint, he had a huge success with the movie ‘Kasham’. However, Adju Seshu, who is best known for Samsham as a hero, continued to make consecutive films even after that.

As part of that, Adivi Sesh Gudachari and Kayi made their mark with a theme that has been on his mind since time immemorial. He wanted to make a movie based on the life story of Kerala Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who died in terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and when Mahesh Babu came up with the idea, he agreed to produce the film. The film, which was released before the audience’s release, has become a blockbuster hit.

Adivi Sesh urges audience to watch bimbisara and sita ramam

In fact, Adivi was supposed to participate in the filming of Hit 2 right after the Shesh Major. But he himself also revealed that he is in quarantine due to an aura infection. In this order, he advises his fans to check out the two big movies, Bimbisara and Seetharam, which are premiering today. “Bimbisara and Seetharam… both had blockbuster talk. He immediately asked me to watch these two movies, a morning show and a matinee show. He asked me to be certain. had to see the movie starring his friends because he couldn’t go to the Corona theaters.

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English summary

adivi sesh urges audience to watch bimbisara and sita ramam through his social network.

First published story: Friday, August 5, 2022, 17:29 [IST]

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